1. Your business listing

1.1 Tagline

You don’t really need to fill this in, it’s often better not to have a tagline than one like “The best naturist resort in the world”.


1.2 Google Address

Many people use the Google coordinates to find a place, so this is an important one! The best thing is to add your business to Google Maps: https://support.google.com/business/answer/6174435 . Or at least enter the exact street and number in our Google Address field.


1.3 Category

You can chose several categories for your business. If you have a campground but you’re also renting out several apartments, better chose both categories. But if you’re only renting out a couple of camper vans, don’t add the category “apartments” or “villas”. Similarly, if you have a resort but sometimes in high season you allow a couple of guests to camp in the backyard, don’t add your place to campgrounds.

It may seem like to more categories you add, the more you will be seen in the results, so the more guests you will finally receive. That’s wrong. You will annoy our visitors by appearing in searches when they were not looking for a place like yours and eventually they will remember you. But not in a good way.


1.4 Description

This is the place where our visitors will determine whether your place will be the destination of their next holiday and not the place at the end of the street. Try to be as complete as possible, but keep following things in mind:

  • – Don’t explain the whole principle of naturism, the fact that people are searching our website means that they already know a thing or two about it.
  • – It’s always interesting to hear about the history of a place, but try to keep that here to a minimum. Keep your interesting stories for when the guest arrives.
  • – There is a part where you can add standard features like (sauna, pets allowed, etc) so no need to mention them all here. But please do mention the extraordinary facts of your place! Do you have the largest swimming pool in the country? Do you have a weekly free barbecue? Do you sell 250 different kinds of beer? Do you have a free pickup service? Do you have the softest mattresses in the world? That’s what our visitors like to read.
  • – Keep things personal, instead of writing “Resort this or that invites you…” write “We are Joe and Jane from resort this or that and we invite you…”.
  • Don’t lie about your facilities, people will notice and mention it in the comments.
  • – If you organise events which don’t fit with the naturist lifestyle (clothing days, swingers nights,…) do mention this. Don’t surprise your visitors.
  • – If you have any pets wandering around the place, better mention it to prevent having to drive your guests to the hospital because of their allergies.
  • – If your place is difficult to find, add some directions, maybe GPS coordinates or even better, instructions for a taxi in the local language.
  • – Preferably write in English. If you want to attract visitors from different countries, it’s better to add a description in different languages. Google Translate is your friend.


1.5 Social media accounts

Social media is not something uniquely for teenagers anymore, everyone is using them these days and more and more vacationers will check out the Facebook or Instagram account of a place to get an idea about the atmosphere.

DO use them and DO mention them here!

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the most important ones, but don’t underestimate the power of Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn either.


1.6 Images

An image says more than a thousand words, at least if you use the right images.
Here are a couple of tips:

  • – Basically there are 4 things people like to see, focus on a mix of those:
    • * The place where they’ll stay
    • * The surroundings
    • * The food
    • * Other people having fun
  • – You may be an expert in macro photography or artistic black and white stuff, but that’s not what a vacationer wants to see when researching a next nakation.
  • – Keep the size down, large files take longer to load and nobody is waiting to see poster format images on their phone or computer screen. 1200×800 or 1600×1200 is more than enough.
  • – Make sure your images are bright, dark photos are depressing, nobody wants a depressing vacation.
  • – Your photos should be recent. Old photo’s are nice on your Facebook, but not here.
  • – You can add photos with naked people as much as you want, but try to add at least one which is not showing genitals or breasts, that you can use for your cover image. Not for us, we don’t care, but social media does. We will share featured venues on our social media and those with too much nudity on the cover image can’t be shared. The other images can contain whatever you like, as long as it’s nothing sexual.

2. Your Dashboard

2.1 Checking it

You don’t need to check your dashboard regularly for new reviews because we’ll send you e-mails if you receive one. But it might be interesting to check your numbers once in a while. Are people finding your listing? Are they clicking through to your website? Etc.


2.2 Reviews

People take the time to write a review about your place, this means something. Act like it. The best practice is to reply to all the reviews (positive or negative). Thank the readers for sharing their experiences and learn from them.