We’re sorry, during our searches we have not been able to find your business, so chances are that many potential visitors are not finding it either. Or you’re a brand new business waiting to get recognised on the internet.

In any case, with NUDE we are going to improve your marketing significantly!

At the top of the page you will find the “Join/Login” and “+ Add Place” buttons. You could opt to join first and then add your business, but better just press the “+Add Place” button because as a part of the process you’ll need to register anyway.

On the next page you can add the details of your business. Most things speak for themselves, but we’ll give you a short overview.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Check our Tips & Tricks page for best practices!

  • Listing title: The name of your place (e.g. “Naked Wanderings Nudist Resort”)
  • Tagline: Tell the world in one sentence what it’s all about. (e.g. “Your naked home away from home”)
  • City: The city where your business is located.
  • Phone: The phone number of your front office.
  • Google address
  • Website: The website address of your business.
  • Category: Chose the category which suits the best for your business. Multiple options are possible.
  • Features: Select every feature that suits with your place
  • Description: This is clearly the most important part of your listing, so please be as complete as possible. Especially for this part we strongly advise you to have a look at our Tips & Tricks page.
  • Social media accounts
  • Images
  • E-mail: Your e-mail address that will be used to create your account.

That’s it! Press the Submit for Review button to have a look at your brand new business listing! (depending on the number of photos you’ve added and the speed of your internet connection, this may take a while)

You should now have received 2 e-mails: one with your account name and password which you’ll need to log on to the dashboard and another one saying that your listing has been submitted.

The only thing you now have to do is to refresh your mailbox every 2.5 minutes or so until you receive an e-mail from us saying that “Your listing has been approved on NUDE”.

Next step: Visit your business dashboard