So, you want to become part of our NUDE community? That’s great news!
And here’s some more good news: Chances are that your place is already included in our system and that we have filled out the basics for you. How about that?

Please check first if you can find your place.
If so, you can use the “Claim Now” link in the details of the business page.

If not, please follow this link to create a new entry in our system: + Add Place

1. Claim your business

2. Add your business

3. The business dashboard

4. Maintain your business page

5. Tips & Tricks


If you are already fully booked for the next five years and you just don’t want to receive any new booking requests anymore or you have decided to turn your naturist resort into a textile place (WHY??), you can of course always chose to be removed from NUDE. In that case, please send us a message via the Contact Form explaining why you want to be taken off.