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We have a several seasonal sites available, with a variety of layouts, from wooded to grassy, from private to neighborly. All have water and electric hookups. Bring your RV for the season and make us your home away from home.

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2 Reviews for Dyer Woods


1 Reviews

Great for a first timer – Individual, Couple, or Familu

5/ 5

Dyerwoods was the first naturist campground I ever visited, and I couldn’t have picked a better location as a first timer. I came as a day visitor, for their Young Naturist 4th of July weekend discount – a good choice. When I arrived I was welcome with open arms, Bob showed me the layout of the grounds, while I naturally undressed. The first thing I did was find an open recliner by the pond and open a book. I was so relaxed, people walked by said hello, or nodded. I was a bit nervous at first, not because I was nude, but dude to the fact I read up on nudist etiquette before my visit and wanted to be respectful of others boundaries, by not engaging in conversation, giving them their space. However I quickly found how approachable and friendly everyone at the campground is, and that fear went away. It’s my belief that the main contributor for that that is because Dyer Woods is a co-op campground, meaning it is member owned and operated. All staffed by the members who volunteer their services. It’s how I would imagine a traditional nudist campground would be like in the 60s, but in a modern setting. Within the hour I took a dip in the freshwater, filtered pond to cool off, then headed to the wood burning sauna. It was in the sauna where I really started feeling comfortable and meeting others. People introduce themselves to me, and we just all started talking. One would have thought that everyone in there were old friends, but most people just met the day beforehand. There were all different ages, genders (they are very LGBT friendly) and races, just chatting it up. It really shows how restricted clothes makes us, and the benefits of social nudity. I later found myself enjoying a game of Frisbee with my new friends in one of the many open fields at Dyerwoods. Then with the smell of the girl I headed over to the office. Jim was cooking up some food. The prices were really good too, about $2 for a chicken burger. I would recommended taking cash in small bills, though I paid for the burger with the $20 and was given change, majority of the commissary works on the honor system. There is a list of items and prices posted, you grab what you need drop your payment into a jar. After lunch a took a spectacular guided tour of the trails by Frank, you get to see all of Dyerwoods beauty which is located on a nature preserve and learn a bit of the history of the campground. You see am old cemetery from the time of the revolution war, another beautiful pond (but you can’t swim in this one), an old cave dating back to hundreds of years ago, the fish tree, and stone tree. What is really cool is all of the trails are made by the members themselves, and they are spectacular. I have always wanted to hike naked, being one with nature, but always feared of being arrested in a state park, Dyerwoods finally gave me this opportunity. There are also benched all over the trail, so you could pick your favorite spot, to read or just to breath and take it all in. After the hike I was exhausted that the first thing I did was go off the water slide into that pond (note to learn forward or you would hit your head). Then more bonding with other members and guests. I never felt so comfortable meeting people for the first time, without any judgment. I ended my day by playing another game of Frisbee, with Frank and one of the other members’ sons. It was a cool feeling of three different generations just getting along in a friendly game. Something that is hard to get in the textile world. And all though there was only one family there that day on the grounds (there is a playground for the young ones), I would recommended Dyerwoods to any family, individuals, or couple who wants to try naturism or who are already naturist over the other campgrounds in the area. Even if you spend your visit in solitude after your first visit you will truly feel like you are part of a community.

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1 Reviews

Fantastic Introduction to Nudism!

5/ 5

After years of contemplation, I finally visited a nudist campground for the first time last month. I’ve been thinking about doing this for at least 6 or 7 years. Every spring I would think, “This is it! This is the summer I’m going to try social nudity.” Summer would come and go and I’d never work up the nerve. As spring approached this year and those thoughts began to stir again, I did some research and discovered Dyer Woods Nudist Campground. According to their website, “All guests are welcome regardless of gender. We do not have a policy with regard to single persons or gender ratios.” As a single man, it was comforting to know I would not be discriminated against. In addition, they offer first timers this advice: “For those who have never tried social nudity before, we understand that you may be nervous or need some time to get adjusted. While our common areas are nudity required, we welcome you to enjoy the rest of the grounds and our hiking trails to get acclimated in a more private setting. Once you get out of your clothes, we think you’ll find a wonderful new feeling of freedom.” Knowing there would be a lot of space to privately adjust to being nude put my mind further at ease. Something about all of this information clicked and I mentally decided it’s now or never, I’m going for it this year. As recommended, I called the night before to give them a heads up that I would be visiting.. I was informed that upon arriving I would need to fill out some quick paperwork and go over the ground rules. I wondered (but failed to ask) if I was supposed to get nude before or after doing this. As I made the one hour plus drive, my mind was racing with this and other thoughts: How many people would be there? Would I get funny looks because I’m a middle aged overweight man? What if I see someone I know? As I got closer my stomach filled with butterflies and the thought of turning back crossed my mind. Nevertheless, I pressed on, knowing that it was now or never. If I turned back when I’d gotten so close, I’d probably never try again. After travelling through some beautiful Rhode Island farmland, I reached my destination. I nervously pulled into the driveway and up to the gate and beeped three times as instructed. The gate opened and I pulled over a small rise. In front of me was a pond with a little house next to it. Sitting on the porch was a group of nude men. I pulled into the visitor parking lot, got out, went to the back of my car and began to strip. I figured this was it, I’m inside and I just saw a bunch of naked guys so I’ll look like a fool if I walk up in clothes. After stripping down to nothing but my trail sneakers (I planned to hike first thing) and applying sunscreen, I approached the group of men on the porch. The first thing that began to settle my nerves was that nobody batted an eye at my nude body. The man I spoke to the night before stood up and introduced himself. I filled out the necessary paperwork, he went over the rules and layout of the grounds and then I was on my own. Per the website’s advice, I decided to take a solitary walk around the hiking trails and let my mind process the fact that I was completely nude outside and it was perfectly OK. The trails include a serene nature pond with turtles and frogs. Overlooking the pond, I found a nice flat rock to spread my towel and sit down to eat an apple. This is when the first wave of calm washed over me. It was so peaceful and, of course, there is nothing like the warm sun and a cool breeze caressing your completely nude body. After relaxing for a bit, I continued my hike. The last half of the trail turned out to be a bit challenging, a lot of it uphill. By the time I returned to the camp store I needed hydration. Having forgotten to bring my own water, I was happy to know that I could by one. After getting the water, I found a lounge chair in the shade by the swimming pond, took off my sneakers and settled in. With my sneakers off, I was now truly, completely 100% naked. I spent close to two hours in this spot reading and snoozing. Again, the feeling of laying completely nude outside is incomparable. People would occasionally pass by and offer a quick hello but, for the most part, I was undisturbed. After lounging for two hours, I took another short hike and then settled into a nice Adirondack rocking chair near the pond. I brought a single ice cold pint of beer which I enjoyed while I took in the view. As early evening approached, clouds began to roll in over the pond and rain drops began to fall. I decided this was a sign that it was time to return home. I actually dreaded the thought of having to get dressed. Before leaving, I expressed in interest in the camp’s overnight facilities. My host happily drove me around in a golf cart to show me the various accommodations. I have yet to overnight at Dyer Woods but hope to soon. There are several options available and the rates are reasonable. In addition, the unisex common bathroom/shower area is always clean and tidy. Also, the fresh cool water in the filtered swimming pond feels amazing on a hot summer day! Finally, every person I have encountered there has made me feel welcome. My wonderful first experience at Dyer Woods has made me a true believer in nudism! I have returned several times since my first experience and I am now a card carrying day member. At the end of each day there, much as I regret putting my clothes back on, I feel more relaxed and stress free than I ever have in my life. I am so glad I finally worked up the nerve to experience the wonderful world of nudism!

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